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Land of flavours and tradition, Piedmont offers plenty of possibilities to discover its renowned specialities. Out tour begins in the Asti hills in search of the prestigious truffle. It continues in the Langhe region, home of famous wines like Barolo and Barbaresco, and finishes in the Po' Plain in Vercelli where we get to know the secrets of rice farming.


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Sapori d’Italia Incoming is a travel agency based in Stresa on Lake Maggiore specialized in the organization of holiday solutions for groups in Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria. Passion and love are our prerogatoves, which you will fins in each one of our tours. Passion for our work in tourism and the love of Italy, the beauty of the destinations it offers and its rich traditions. 

With attention to the individual needs of each group, always searching for special itineraries which allow our clients to discover the most genuine aspects of our territory, we offer, with competence and professionality, all services related to the tour, starting from the choice of destination and activities, to the accommodation and trasportation. 

The vast choice of destinations, from Lake Maggiore to the Ossola Valleys, from the hills of Piedmont to the Ligurian Riviera, from Lake Como to Lake Garda, allows us to propose diverified holiday solutions  based on individual needs. Boat tours, mountain biking, trekking, culinary experiences, cultural visits, concerts or traditional demonstrations are only some of the experiences included in our tours. 

The choice of trusted and professional partners allows us to offer our clients the highest quality of service supported by our constant assistance. 

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