Legal Information

Signing the contract implies the customer’s acceptance of the organising conditions listed below:


The tourist package sales contract is governed by the present general conditions, by Law 27/12/1977 n° 1084 of ratification and execution of the International Convention on travel contracts (ICT), signed in Bruxelles on 23.4.1970 and by the above mentioned Legislative Decree 206/05. Liability of Sapori d’Italia is governed by the laws and rules listed above and cannot, in any case, exceed the limits set.


  • The travel contract is drawn up in written form
  • Service refers only to services agreed upon and signed for upon entering the contract
  • Any agreement or special request must be in written form
  • The contract’s agreed prices may increase if the number of people in a group is below the agreed number or due to unpredictable increases in the prices of the service supplier.

Conditions of refusal and writing off

  • Upon expiry of terms the offer is no longer valid. A second offer must be requested.
  • The contract will be confirmed only upon receipt of a confirmation deposit (10% of the total due)

Payment methods:

  • 10 % deposit upon confirming the event
  • 40% 45 days before the event is scheduled
  • Balance 10 days before the event
  • Bookings on short notice may require payment in full upon confirmation, without further instalments.
  • The balance for additional services must be paid upon invoicing at the end of the
  • Failure to deliver payment on the above dates implies a resolution clause and, by rights, leads to termination of the contract.

Cancellation and withdrawal conditions:

  • The customer may withdraw from the contract without penalty fees in the following cases :
  • Increase of the booked services’ prices by over 10 %
  • If the journey were jeopardised or ruined by force majeure causes (wars, riots, political problems, earthquakes, weather conditions etc) changes in the contract made by the agency. In said case the customer must inform the agency of his/her agreement or refusal to the proposed changes within 2 working days of receiving the change proposal. If the customer does not agree to the changes he/she has the right to be refunded of any sums paid or to a tourist package of the same quality.

For every other case the following rules apply:

  • No additional cost if within the agreed date of write off
  • From the date of reversal to 30 days before the scheduled event, payment of 10% of the total amount due, calculated on the size of the group supplied upon confirmation
  • Between 29 and 15 days before the scheduled event, payment of 50 % of the total amount due
  • Between 15 and 4 days before the scheduled event, payment of 75% of the total amount due
  • From 3 days before the scheduled event, payment of 100% of the total amount due


Every breach of contract must be reported by the customer immediately or without delay so that the organiser, the local representative or the guide may work to correct it at once. The customer must also – on pain of losing rights – immediately lodge a complaint, via registered letter with return receipt, to the organiser or the seller of the tour within (and not beyond) 10 working days of returning from the tour’s starting point.


Sapori d’Italia is bound to supply those assistance services due to the customer only out of professional diligence to its duties as stated by the law or in the contract.


  • Sapori d’Italia must organise the tour in detail and with great care, carefully selecting and checking service suppliers and delivering services in compliance with the contract. It will adequately compensate customers if the services listed in the contract cannot be supplied or if they have to be replaced partly or totally, if, of course, this service decrease or cancellation is not due to any fault of the customer’s or to force majeure events. This does not apply if the inconvenience arisen or damages are due to causes the agency, despite all efforts made, reasonably cannot handle. Liability of the agency is limited to direct damages and in no case exceeds the agreed price of the tour.
  • Service suppliers (hotels, restaurants, guides) are directly responsible towards customers, according to the current laws and international agreements applying to the services provided. Sapori d’Italia is committed to helping, in every way, the customer wishing to exercise his/her rights over the service supplier. Compensation rights due to the agency will be transferred to the customer. Requests for compensation must be delivered to the agency in written form within (and not beyond) 4 weeks from the tour’s end. Compensation rights are void after this time.

Participants’ duties:

All participants must hold an individual passport or other document valid in all countries of the tour, plus all visas for transit or residence and health certificates that may be required by the countries visited. They must also comply to the rules of normal diligence and common sense, to the specific laws governing the countries visited, to all the information supplied by the organiser and to the rules and administrative and legislative regulations related to the tourist packet. Participants are liable for all the damages to the organiser caused by not complying to the duties and rules listed above.  

Place of jurisdiction:

  • Italian law applies. The contract between Sapori d’Italia and the commissioning subject is governed only by Italian legislation. The place of jurisdiction is the judiciary branch of Verbania.

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